A Branded Man is an advocate. A champion man. He is a man who lives by a belief system and conducts himself according to that belief. He is a man who is convinced of who he is and expresses his life with a strategy and purpose. He is a man who is consistent and trustworthy and has the reputation of being genuine and one-of-a-kind. He realizes that he is far from perfection, but willing to work on himself daily. He loves his family, respects others, has a mindset for improvement and is willing to trust God in all aspects of his life. This is a Branded Man.

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Rise Up!

As a man, you need to rise up in the important areas of life. To rise up means that you have a call-to-action for your life and are willing to step into what you are purposed to do and what you are responsible for. Rise Up!

A Branded Man believes

that integrity and c


Our Leadership Mentorship Course

This comprehensive Brand of a Man Leadership Course will help you take your leadership and brand to the next level as a man, husband, father and entrepreneur.

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Mentorship from the experience of others

Interviews with men and their journey towards manhood, identity, family, employment, business, faith and purpose. From struggle to self-awareness to victory.

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Who Are You & Where Are You Going?

Every man needs mentorship, coaching and encouragement in order to become a leader of himself and a leader at home, work and business.

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Fulfill Your Call and Marketplace Ministry

A comprehensive coaching program where identity, purpose, calling, vision, leadership, messaging, branding and design intersect.

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Encouragement. Empowerment. Partnership.

A community of men who desire to grow in their leadership, identity, relationships, brand, faith, and as a husband and father.

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It Takes Community to Win In Life

No man is an island unto himself. If you want to grow slowly, go alone. If you want to grow quickly, grow together.

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The Brand of a Man Workbook

Learn and apply the 10 foundational truths to unlock your personal brand potential and leadership influence as a man.

    Live Like a Champion. Become a Branded Man.

    At Branding Men, our intention is to build a relationship with you by taking you through a guided process of becoming a transformed man from the inside-out. We believe that in order to become a champion man and a leader at home, work and business, it's going to require work, clarity, faith, encouragement, knowledge, wisdom and brotherhood.

    Our intention is that you become a branded man. A man who becomes more aware of who he is and the influence you have at home, work, business and in society. A man who is confident in who God made him to be. Not settling for less, but showcasing his best as a king, priest and leader. Our intention is that you make the commitment to yourself to follow, invest, partner and release your best you as you journey to become a branded man.

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