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The Man God Uses
God’s Work In Us
The Peace of God
Who Do You Say I Am?
The Patiences of God
Am I a Pharisee?
False Prophets, Temptation & Deception
The Cost of Following Christ
Joshua: The Faithful Servant
Feeding of the 5k
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The Brand of a Man (Keynote)

I have recognized many common themes that manifest in the lives of men which cause them to forfeit their dreams and eliminate the pursuit of their passions. These themes are disturbing to me because they all stem from one key element that most men struggle to identify. The struggle of “Identity & Purpose”.

In this keynote, learn the 10 foundational truths to unlock your personal brand potential and leadership influence as a man.

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S.C.A.R. (Keynote)

In this keynote, I take you on a personal journey of defining moments that forced me to take a look at myself and determine if I was a fighter or flighter. S.C.A.R. is the acronym for STORY, COST, ACTION and RESULTS, but S.C.A.R. also represents a real life scar in my life that I confront everyday when I look in the mirror.

Experience my uncommon journey to learning how to win in life. I will challenge you and your audience to rise above the challenges and scars in ones life and provide perspective on how to become a winner no matter who you are or where you are.

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Run With Your Brand (Keynote)

Accomplishment in life begins when you take action. Action takes place when you decide that average just isn’t good enough and you want more out of life. In this powerful keynote, I will inspire you to take action by providing 10 steps to help you package your strengths so you can “run with your brand”.

As a very successful high school and collegiate runner and coach, I know all too well what it means to run and to run to win. I also knows what it means to stay in your lane using your strengths to your advantage. I will encourage you to dare to pursue your dreams and dare to “Run With Your Brand”.

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What’s In Your Hand (Keynote)

Who am I and what can I do? These two questions must be answered by every man. Your answers to these questions will determine how far you will go and achieve in life. Each person (Yes! Including you) has a unique gift. A gift that is to help you define your purpose in this life. This gift is not purchased or earned – it was given to you from birth and you are responsible to work it out everyday.

So, what’s in your hand? What is your gift? What do you plan to do with it when you realize the power you have to change your home, community and world?

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The Brand New Man (Keynote)

Let’s face it. Sometimes, we do stupid things as men. Many of us are still living like boys when we ought to begin living like men. As men, we need to do an about-face in the priority areas of our life. An about-face regarding how we see ourselves, our relationships, our work and ultimately, how we see God.

It isn’t until we recognize our purpose and potential that we will begin to perceive our life and future from a different point of view. You are to live life as a Brand New Man. A man with purpose, influence and a calling.

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The Brand of Jesus Christ (Keynote)

In the gospel books of Matthew, Mark and Luke, Jesus asks his disciples “Who do the people say that I am? The disciples responses were… “some say you are John the Baptist, others say you are Elijah, and others say you are Jeremiah or one of the prophets. Jesus then asked his disciples… ”Who do you say that I am”? Peter answered and said “you are the Messiah, the Son of the living God”.

Each of us as faith believing Christian men must answer this question for ourselves. Jesus Christ is taking note and inventory if we are His children or not. In this presentation, I will challenge us to reassess our commitment to Jesus Christ and His work within us.

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Leadership Begins with You (Keynote)

Your title, the creative work you do, and your years of experience matter when it comes to nurturing a team of creative individuals who want nothing more than to influence and impact brand perception, foster new ways of thinking, and challenging traditional institutional processes.

In this keynote, learn what it takes to become an effective leader within your organization and business that spawns new opportunities for cross-departmental collaboration and strategic brand building with key decision makers and leadership administration.

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What Clients Say

Gwen ThibeauxUniversity & College Designers AssociationStudent Success PartnershipGrand Canyon University
When we first met, I was extremely impressed with not only your work, but the passion for your work. It’s evident that you truly support and believe in the passions of others, and it is evident in every detail of your work. Not only would I recommend you for your creative design work, but I would also recommend you as a speaker or presenter at any meeting or event.
Gwen Thibeaux
Anthony you are a great speaker. Your insight regarding leadership was not only practical, but it i was motivational and inspirational. Great content. Flawless delivery and you are very passionate about what you speak about. One of the best speakers I've heard in a long time.
University & College Designers Association
Conference Attendee
Anthony, what can I say? You provided great value all around. You ability to speak about the importance of living up to one’s belief's is what makes a good leader. Your personal inspirational story and making strong impactful connections with the youth was above and beyond Student Success Partnership could every ask for. Thank you for staying true to your brand. You were the perfect choice for us.
Student Success Partnership
University of Redlands
We invited Mr. Anthony Fisher to speak at an event to prospective educational partners. Mr. Fisher shared his personal experiences of overcoming obstacles using a relatable, Christ - centered approach. He has a natural ability to deeply move his audience in ways that ignites their own introspection. Powerfully, yet gently, he encourages his listeners to lean into “the uncomfortable” so that fears can be overcome and goals can be realized! Using real life accounts coupled with Biblical excerpts, Mr. Fisher addresses the “here and now” of our daily lives. Mr. Fisher lives a testimony to his words- leading his family and community towards compassion and servant- leadership.
Grand Canyon University
Doctoral University Development