Every man needs mentorship, coaching and encouragement in order to become a leader of himself and a leader at home, work and business. My mentorship services are for young men and adult men who want to become better men, and live life with clarity, a strategy and purpose.


Direct Mentorship

Direct Mentorship will help you look at your life from a different perspective. It will provide insight and an opportunity for you to share your challenges, wounds and blocks preventing you from moving forward in you life. In our sessions, you will not only find hope and purpose, but you will receive biblical insight and training in the process.

Group Mentorship

Do you have a group of men who need mentoring? Are you a team of two, five or more looking to take your leadership, personal brand or business brand to the next level, but unsure on how to do so? Group mentoring allows us (as a team) to work together to find solutions that support one another; in addition to using the Word of God as our foundation.

Course Mentorship

The Brand of a Man Leadership Mentorship Course is my signature course and I believe it is a phenomenal resource for you to take your leadership brand and faith to the next level. Receive one-on-one coaching with me on each module of the course and become a new man with a new outlook on life in the process. It's time to recognize your brand as a man.

Choose Your Mentorship Interest

Fill out the form below and I will contact you so we can begin dialogue about the mentorship process. In our conversation, we will determine if we are the right fit for each other. We will also discuss pricing, expectations and scheduling.

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What You're Going to Get...

Open and honest feedback.

A biblical perspective that points you to God The Father, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit.

A non-judgmental attitude and disposition, but a focus on problem-solving and transparent communication.

Someone who has your best interest in mind and desires nothing more than your success in life.

Resources that I have firsthand experience with or aware of that will help you grow and mature in your journey as a man.

  • “First of all let me say that your course is one of the most eye-opening learning experiences I have had with so much information regarding the topics that are specifically aimed at men. I can say that the insights you shared on men being the handprints put earth to solve problems and create solutions was confirming of my own thoughts about being a producer and not just a consumer in this life.”
    Devn S.
    Financial Coach and Trainer
  • “Anthony Fisher is a great man. He is an extremely valuable advisor to me, my companies and my personal life. Anthony is not shallow, and his advice is thoughtful and relevant. He is not flippant or shallow in his approach in advising me. Anthony Fisher has got it right. He sees greatness in me and I am sure in his other clients. I look forward to having him as a consultant and friend for the rest of my life.”
    Lonnie L.
    South Carolina, US
  • “Anthony is a man with many talents: creative designer, leadership coach, mentor and inspirational speaker. Anthony believes in being straightforward and speaks the truth with kindness. When engaged in business endeavors, he shares what is important to the matter and seeks opportunities for mutual gains.”
    Gaynell V.
    California, US
  • Anthony moves through each task with a desire to build relationships, create vision, inspire growth and bring immeasurable value.
    Thomas T.
    Husband, Father and Video Consultant
  • Write the vision and make it plain, for without a vision the people will perish”. As a branding champion, Anthony prides himself on not only helping men find their true vision, but to understand, unlock and pursue it. If you’re ready to take the next step in your journey towards greatness, then Anthony Fisher is DEFINITELY the success coach for you.
    Karim E.
    Father, Entrepreneur and Speaker
  • “Anthony brings the highest standards to his work in personal branding and public speaking as well as his personal life. I look forward to watching his career as a professional coach skyrocket.”
    Cinda G.
    Ohio, US
  • Sometimes we are lucky enough to work with someone who excels in integrity, creativity and is humble. Anthony is one of the special ones. If you are ever in a position to work with Anthony I highly recommend it. Thank you Anthony you are an inspiration! From the heart…
    Jody S.
    California, US
  • “Anthony is a man of focus, encouragement and vision. He knows how to keep a team motivated towards producing great results, and centered on the final goal. He’s a consummate professional, with a great sense of humanity.”
    Kevin T.
    California, US
  • “Anthony, I wanted you to know that I’m looking forward to a great 2010. This is based on taking time to reflect on who I am, where I’ve been, and where I am headed. There are two resources we all have, regardless of economic status: time and energy. Your newsletter and website are part of the tools for my tool belt. I just wanted you to know that although you don’t see people like me face to face on a regular basis, your brand, image, and purpose have an impact on lives you don’t see.”
    Oscar M.
    California, US
  • “Anthony Fisher is an skilled creative professional with whom I have many years of professional experience. Throughout my experience working with Anthony, he has demonstrated modern leadership qualities and strong moral values. He has great communication skills and a warm personality that I feel will match well with any team’s personalities.”
    Ross H.
    California, US
  • “Anthony’s portfolio clearly shows he’s a top-notch graphic designer and his resume shows the breadth and depth of his talent and experience. I’m fortunate to say that I also know him to truly be an inspirational person. The image he projects as a personal brand coach is really who he is: a passionate, gifted, interesting and interested leader with exceptional and consistent clarity of vision. And you don’t have to spend an hour listening to him speak to discover this – 15 minutes over a cup of tea will do.”
    Keita W.
    California, US
  • “Anthony brought the highest level of professionalism and is a true example of peaceful leadership. His strength, grounded in his Faith, is beyond admirable. Anyone who has the opportunity of working with Anthony should consider themselves fortunate to have exposure to such a fine example of how to share respect with your colleagues and how to navigate unfamiliar waters like the Captain of a ship.”
    Yvette M.
    California, US
  • “Working with Anthony has been an eye-opening experience to say the least. He has a unique approach of delving into the root of “who you are” then helping you to apply those attributes to every aspect of your life. Anthony forces you to really reflect deeply on what makes you “you” and recognize the reoccurring themes that your life encounters. Through his guidance and personal self reflection I received the tool-kit to help me live a purpose-driven life.”
    Britney R.
    Texas, US
  • “I must take my hat off to you Anthony, you have a brilliant web site and great idea’s on developing people’s skill’s and a way forward for them to achieve their goals’ in life…. It’s a real shame you are not in England UK, “YOU” would do well with the business community. Thank you for showing me the way forward with just a few simple words – you have made my day.”
    Michael U.
    United Kingdom
  • “Anthony there are so many men that need to experience your ministry, mission and personal/professional development coaching. It's such a blessing to know it's available!”
    Theresa K.
    California, US
  • “Anthony is one of the most fascinating people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting.  He LISTENS to everything you voice with a unique serenity. He is gifted at seeing things from an angle others don’t, recognizing the branding benefits that escape most executive branders and implementing them in a gentle manner that provides ease and comfort. I couldn’t put an actual price tag on his skills in branding… whatever it would be, his value would exceed it.”
    Jimmy L.
    Florida, US
  • “Anthony Fisher has taken on the gargantuan task of helping men uncover and discover who they are and why they are. He has left no stone unturned in sharing his arsenal of resources, knowledge and insights towards living a life of precise purpose and intentionality. If you are truly ready to become a student of you and begin the journey of unlocking your potential, your dreams, your influence and your purpose, you will want to tap into the deep well of all that Anthony has to offer!”
    Terikka F.
    Maryland, US
  • “Without an Anthony Fisher in this world I think we would all just get by but if you ever talk to A. Fisher but for a few minutes you will certainly agree that his inspiration and passion is something he literally breathes. It’s a no brainier not to use this guys as a life coach. He will change it. I put my stamp on it.”
    Chad P.
    New York, US
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