Learn the 10 Foundational Truths to Unlock Your Brand, Identity, Potential & Leadership Influence

Every man has greatness living inside him. Unfortunately, many men struggle identifying where his greatness lies and how to give birth to it. Not all men understand that there is a process to greatness. There are certain quality traits one should attain in order to fulfill the potential inside him. Unfortunately, if he’s never been taught or shown how to put these quality traits into place, he will live life disqualifying himself from being a leader and influencer in the environment which he lives.

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You were created with a multitude of strengths, talents and abilities that are unique only to you. They were given to you to fulfill a task and solve a problem. Understanding and maximizing your strengths is absolutely critical in establishing and defining your personal brand. Do you know what your strengths are?
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Potential is untapped power. It’s the very thing that desires to be released in you if only you allow it to. Potential is the part of you that desires and seeks growth, advancement, improvement and achievement. If harnessed correctly, it will propel you towards greatness and lead you to your destiny. What is your potential?
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We live in a society where people are compromising their values every day. People's belief systems are unstable and their priorities have taken a back seat to the people and causes that should be most important. What are your values? Are you willing to take a stand? Have you compromised on your values? Let's get back on track.
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Purpose is the original intent for why something was created. It’s the reason why something exists. It is the key ingredient to experience fulfillment and passion for life. Without purpose, there is absolutely no reason for your existence. Have you been able to identify what your purpose may be?
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Conviction is a powerful word. It is a derivative of the word “convinced”. To be convinced of something means that you've been persuaded to believe a certain thing and act a certain way. Men today don't know what they believe. They are like a trend that is here today and gone tomorrow. Which convictions have you lost? Let's get back on track.
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You are not here on earth just to make a living. You are here to grow and expand - to be more than what you are today. Vision is the starting blocks and secret to growth and accomplishment. Vision asks the questions, who, what, when, where and why? To have a vision is powerful. To make that vision a reality requires you to lead yourself. Are you ready?
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Passion is the spice of life. It is a strong emotion that gives you the necessary strength to pursue your goal or mission. Your passion(s) serve as clues to your greatness and can lead you to fulfill your greatest achievement. Have you identified your passions? Better yet, have you integrated your passions into your life?
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Inspiration is the change maker. It is the one thing that causes people to say “Wow"! Inspiration is the architect of emotion and facilitator of dreams. It's powerful enough to effectively change people’s perceptions and feelings. As men, it's important that someone "breathes" into you and you into others. Who's inspiring you today, and who are you inspiring?
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Influence is the initial spark that creates change. Without it, nothing in life happens. Influence is the quality that attracts us to others and opens doors for opportunity. The ability to influence is powerful. You have influence rather you realize it or not. The question is "what kind of influence do you have and who are you influencing"?
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I believe a leader is more than what a person does. I believe it's who a person is. There is a difference between someone who has the knowledge of leadership rather than the spirit of leadership. Having the spirit of leadership is what makes him a leader. Many men think that leadership is influence by coercion or intimidation. I believe leadership is learned and expressed through servanthood and by applying the 10 foundational truths in becoming a brand of a man.

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