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Are you a man looking to brand your business and/or your personal identity? If so, Branding Men offers logo, web design, and presentation services to help you get started in the right direction.

Below is a healthy sample of our design work. With 20+ years of design experience in web, print, identity and presentation, we look forward to the opportunity to shape your business and personal brand visual identity for years to come – hopefully a lifetime.

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“Anthony Fisher is a skilled creative professional with whom I have many years of professional experience. Throughout my experience working with Anthony, he has demonstrated modern leadership qualities and strong moral values. He has great communication skills and a warm personality that I feel will match well with any team’s personalities.” – Ross Higgins

“Anthony is an exceptional professional and have truly become one of my true business partners. When we first met, I was extremely impressed with not only your work, but the passion for your work. It’s evident that you truly support and believe in the passions of others, and it is evident in every detail of your work. Not only would I recommend you for your creative design work, but I would also recommend you as a speaker or presenter at any meeting or event.” – Gwen Thibeaux

“Anthony Fisher is a great man. I first met him in 2009 when I found him on the internet as I was searching for a personal branding consultant. I called him and from the first time we spoke, I found him to be a very professional, extremely competent, friendly, caring person. He has been such a blessing to both me personally and my company. His design ability is second to none. Anthony combines brilliant talent in design and great creativity with an insightful, compassionate but firm approach to life coaching. He is an extremely valuable advisor to me and I know that my companies as well as personal life have been enhanced because of Anthony. Anthony is not shallow, and his advice is thoughtful and relevant. In two years, he has not been flippant or shallow in his approach to advisor to me. He has developed my personal brand around his in depth understanding of my personal dreams, aspirations and values. His advice is underpinned by his Christian faith which is very comforting to me. His faith enables his patience and caring demeanor and at the same time, his advice is not judging, passive or filled with “religiosity.” Anthony Fisher has got it right, he sees greatness in me and I am sure in his other clients. I look forward to having him as a consultant and friend for the rest of my life.” –Lonnie Lassiter

“I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for the design work you completed for me recently. I found you on the Internet, met with you in person to discuss my vision and my project, then let you do what you do best – provide world class visuals in a highly effective manner while at the same time reflecting the personal tastes and spirit of your client. You did all of this and more for me which is why I’m delighted to recommend your work to anyone looking for excellent design work, personal and attentive customer service and a great experience. It is rare and unique to find a vendor that not only delivers quality content but one you come to trust and value as a friend. You are such a man.” – Steve F.