About Branding Men Podcasts

Branding Men podcasts are 1-on-1 interviews where men share their unique stories and journeys toward manhood and the fulfillment of their life purpose. Branding Men interviews are the stories of men just like you and I who recognize that life is more than what we do, it’s also about who we become in the process of becoming a man. Branding Men interviews are geared to look under the hood of a man’s life to understand his thinking, motivations, disappointments and accomplishments. Ultimately, we want to know who the man has become as he is living his life’s journey.

The stories each man will share are broken up into 8 storytelling and experiential categories.

Man Story: Your journey of becoming a man. What is manhood? When did you feel like a man?

Employment Story: What types of jobs have you experienced? What have you learned as an employee, employer or entrepreneur?

Family Story: Tell me about the family you came from and the family you now have. How has your family experiences (now and then) shaped you?

Husband Story: How did you and your wife meet? How has marriage shaped you into becoming a better man? What are some of the challenges in marriage you face?

Business Story: Tell me about your business(s). What have been the joys, disappointments and lessons learned while running your business?

Faith Story: What has been your journey to finding, recognizing and submitting your life to Jesus Christ? How does faith play a role in your life today?

Life Purpose Story: What are the life events that have shaped you into becoming the man you are today? How has life prepared you for what you are doing today or moving into? What’s your life message?

Calling Story: What do you believe you have been called to do and become? What are you doing today? How can readers and listeners find you and support you?


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