Who are we?

Branding Men is a life coaching and design marketing agency where we equip men to brand themselves, their families, and their businesses God’s way, so that they can be effective expressions of God’s love, grace and favor at home, work, and business.

What do we do?

Learn about leadership, self-identity, relationships, branding and faith
The Brand of a Man Leadership Course is a 50+ video leadership mentorship course that will assist you in taking your leadership and brand to the next level as a man. In this course you will learn about leadership, self-identity, relationships, branding and faith.
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Design & Branding
Give Your Brand and Purpose a Visual Identity and a Message
Logo Design
Website Design
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Coaching Programs
Every Man Needs a Mentor Man to Help Him Grow
The Identity of a Man
Create a Family Vision
Brand My Business
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Free Community
Become a member of the Branding Men Community and surround yourself with like-minded men
A forum where our young adult and adult men can ask questions, learn about life, be inspired and encouraged to live life that is pleasing to God, their families, and their communities.
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You Cannot Influence Who You Do Not Inspire. Allow us to breath into you by the spoken word
The Brand of a Man
Run With Your Brand
What’s In Your Hand
The Brand New Man
The Brand of Jesus Christ
Leadership Begins With You
Hire us to speak
Encouraging you, empowering you and guiding you to live a life of purpose and priority.
The Locker Room Membership is a monthly online subscription membership for men like you. Men who are looking for personal brand development, mentorship and a brotherhood community.
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Why we do what we do?

We do what we do because we believe that men, husbands, fathers and business men have great capacity to lead and influence. Unfortunately, many men don’t step into their leadership and destiny roles because of a lack of understanding and ownership of who God made them to be. Branding Men serves as a guide and resource to help men see themselves in a different way. A way that leads to life transformation and an undeniable brand identity.

Our purpose is to lift men up and encourage men to become better leaders of themselves, their families and their businesses so they can carry out the purpose and calling of their existence.

What is our mandate?

To Build Champion Men. To encourage, empower and lift men up.

What is a Branded Man?

A branded man is an advocate. A champion man. He is a man who lives by a belief system and conducts himself according to that belief and ideal. He is a man who is convinced of who he is and expresses his life with conviction, strategy and purpose. He is a man who is consistent and trustworthy and has the reputation of being genuine and one-of-a-kind. A branded man realizes he is far from perfection, but willing to work on himself daily. He loves his family, respects others, has a mindset for improvement, and is willing to trust God in all aspects of his life.

How do you become a Branded Man?

A man becomes a branded man by recognizing his strengths and putting them into action. He becomes a branded man by defining what he values. He becomes a branded man by believing he exists because he has a purpose for his life. A purpose that only God can provide and reveal. He becomes a branded man because he has passion for his life. A passion for living and expressing his uniqueness to his circle of influence; especially his loved ones at home (his wife and children). He becomes a branded man by not thinking that his currently reality is his future reality, but instead, is willing to work out the potential that exists in him today, because who he is today is only in seed form. He becomes a branded man because he recognizes that he has powerful influence over others. And with great influence comes great responsibility. He uses his influence to coach, to lead, and be a positive example to those who willingly and even unwillingly choose to follow him.

He becomes a branded man because he carries convictions in his heart and is willing to speak to those convictions when challenged. He is led by the Holy Spirit. He listens first, calls on wisdom second, and speaks with authority because he has spent time with God. He becomes a branded man because he is inspired and he inspires. He breathes into the lives of others; especially his wife and children. He becomes a branded man because he has created a vision for his life and has expressed that vision to his family and those who he will lead. And lastly, he becomes a branded man because he is a leader. A leader of people, resources, ideas, and strategies. He’s learned that leadership is not about what he can get from others, but what he can give to others.

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