About Branding Men

Branding Men is a website that encourages & empowers men, fathers and husbands to live a life of purpose and significance in the priority areas of life. We desire all men to see themselves as leaders and begin living out their potential as they become aware of their identity and brand.


Why Branding Men?

Because every man needs support, partnership, direction, mentorship, perspective, brotherhood and accountability in order to become an effective man in the home, at work and in his entrepreneurial endeavors. Our work, desire and mission at Branding Men is to lead men towards knowing themselves, embracing the truth that God loves them and has a plan for their life so they can fulfill the work God has planned them. Our intent is to encourage, partner and provide training, coaching and marketing design services to men as they carry the leadership mantle at home and in the marketplace.

The Purpose of Branding Men

The purpose of this website is to encourage, train and give men the tools and resources to identify and develop their brand, create a life plan and create a legacy that will influence their life, their family and the lives across their path. This website includes videos to watch, blog entries to read, coaching programs to participate in and educational products to grow from. I encourage you to visit this website frequently if…

You believe you have a purpose fryer life or desire to find out what it could be

  • You believe you have a purpose for your life and gifted and talented enough to master something. You may or may not know what it is, but you want to find out so you can begin doing the work you were born to do.

You recognize you are a brand: A living, breathing, passionate and soulful man with gifts and a unique personality and potential to influence.

  • You recognize you are a man with talent, skill, ability and uniqueness. You desire to express your best you to the world to accomplish greatness in your life and in the life of others.

You recognize your weakness and realize you need a life plan for your life. You are willing to make the commitment to be the man you know you can be and should be.

  • You desire to live out the potential inside you and you want to do much more than what you are doing now. You are willing to test yourself and willing to allow God to help you through the process of reaching your goals.

You want to be the best husband and father to your wife and kids.

  • You recognize that you do not have all the answers but you are willing to do what it takes to make your family relationships the most satisfying and uplifting relationships on the planet.

You want to become a better leader, influencer and impact player in all areas of your life.

  • Learn what it really means to BE THE MAN in your career, marriage, relationships, faith and more.

You have a strong desire to Rise Up and be counted for.

  • Sometimes “Rising Up!” means going against the grain of this worldly culture and standing up for what is right. It’s taking the initiative, not settling for less and expecting more from yourself to live the potential that lives within you.

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