What is a Champion?

What is a Champion?

Every man wants to be a champion. He wants to be the top dog, numero uno, alpha male and head honcho. There’s something in our culture and DNA as men that draws us to climb to the top of the mountain and be the last one standing to receive the accolades, the clapping of hands, the handshakes and the pat on the back. I don’t know any man who doesn’t want or appreciate the status that comes with the position of standing above the rest. Would you agree?

Every man wants to be a champion. He wants to feel like he is on top of the world and can accomplish anything. Men will also do just about anything to protect his champion position and status so he can stroke his ego and pride just to feel like he is important and relevant. I don’t think it is too far fetched for me to say that most men hunger and thirst to be a champion, but the question I ask myself and also ask you is “what exactly is a champion”?

Many men believe that a champion is someone who wins. Someone who ranks first and attains the prize possession because he is the best of the best. He is the big dog. Some men say that winning and being a champion is the same thing and that the words are synonymous with each other. However, upon closer research and insight, the words do have definitions in which they differ.

My slogan is “Building Champion Men”. My mission is to lift men up by encouraging and teaching men how to build a winning attitude in the priority areas of life and how to become a champion man and live life like a champion man on a consistent basis.

So what is the definition of a champion according to me? A champion is a man who leads well. He is aware of who he is and the influence he has at home, work, business and in society. He is a man who is confident in who God made him to be. He does not settle for less, but he makes room in his life to prioritize the importance of being king, priest and leader. A champion is also a man who champions something. In other words, he has found his reason for his existence and is leading and advocating for something much bigger than himself. A champion is a man who has found something to fight for and has taken the necessary steps to improve the wellbeing of others.

I advocate for the leadership potential of men; especially men who are under the lordship of Jesus Christ and want to live the abundant life that John 10:10 speaks of. A life that is full of joy, peace, strength and crazy favor on his life and everything that is influenced by his presence.

So the questions I have for you is?

  • What are you championing?
  • Who are you championing?
  • How are you championing?

Being a branded man requires that you answer these questions with clarity and conviction. Your clarity and conviction of who you are and what you are fighting for is what allows you to step into your purpose and live out your God-given assignment and calling for your life.

Okay, so what do we do?

First off. If you haven’t yet decided to become a champion and Branded Man, I encourage you to subscribe to our community so you can receive frequent updates from us. Updates that will challenge you, encourage you and grow you.

If you want to learn more about what a champion looks like, take time to look at the champions in your own life. Better yet, (if possible) spend time with them and ask them about their life stories that made them the leader and champion they are today. Most importantly, look at the life of Paul and Jesus Christ in the New Testament. They were great examples of what it meant to be true champions who advocated for people based on their purpose and calling.

I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus
Philippians 3:14

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the course, I have kept the faith
2 Timothy 4:7

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