It’s Time To Put Your Purpose Into Action

It’s Time To Put Your Purpose Into Action

There comes a point in time in a man’s life where he must decide on the type of man he wants to be.

There also comes a point in time in a man’s life where he must decide if he is going to pursue and live out the call that God has put in his heart or settle for mediocre living, which is living without faith and without a strategy.

Every believing man has experienced the tug of war of being obedient to the call of Christ or pursuing his own way and his own actions.

The calling on our life as Godly men is great. We are to be awesome husbands and fathers, obedient kings and priests in our homes, leaders in our vocations and leaders as business owners and entrepreneurs. Everything we do is established by how we see ourselves and how we see our King.

Many of you right now are stuck in your mind between your job and your purpose. You’re trying to determine what’s more important in your life and I’m here to tell you that your purpose is priority. Now here me out, I’m not saying that your job is not important. As a matter of fact, it’s very important and you need to have one to the best of your ability. But think about this, Jesus was a carpenter, Matthew was a tax collector. Peter, Andrew and John were fisherman, but at a point in time Jesus called them to follow Him and told them they would become Fishers of Men. It was at this time that they received their call and purpose for their life. Who revealed it to them? Jesus did.

Here is the great thing about your life’s call and purpose. It is not what you say it is. It’s what God says it is. You don’t need to fulfill it alone. You are not required to. You are not called to force things to happen in your life as you cannot determine the results and success of your efforts. You are required to trust God and allow Him to reveal His purpose for you. You simply need to be willing, available and obedient to do what God is telling you and will continue to tell you throughout your life. You must be willing and available to allow the Lord to use you. And you must be obedient – to follow through on His direction for your life.

Every man must come to the realization of who he is, why he exists and his purpose on earth. You my friend, have a purpose. Your purpose can only come from the creator of heaven and earth. The creator who formed you and knows everything about you before you were ever born. The creator who has given you specific gifts, talents, abilities with unique experiences and a unique personality all your own. Your existence is not an accident. You are here on this earth to make a difference and to solve a problem in someone’s life. You are the solution to a need. It’s time to give God space in your life for the first time or once again. It’s time to acknowledge God in your life. It’s time to Rise Up and live life as if you have a purpose. Give yourself a chance. Give God a chance and make a decision to achieve greatness by following the Lord who Will Provide and reveal Himself to you.

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