The Secret to Leading, Inspiring and Impacting Your Family

The Secret to Leading, Inspiring and Impacting Your Family

How do you lead, inspire, and impact your family? Here’s a tip for you that has worked in my life.

Take one day out of the month for one hour, open up the Word of God and teach in front of your family. Have your wife and each of your children read a scripture. Teach your wife and your kids and ask thought-provoking questions about what they just read and what you taught.

After your Bible study, have a conversation with your family. Ask each of your kids about their life, work, school, home life, relationships, fears, concerns, dreams, and goals. Do the same for your wife. It’s important you lead and be an example to your wife and children. They need you to speak. Be sure to listen to your family’s responses and be present at all times.

After the family conversation, pray as a family. Each member of your family is to take time to pray. Encourage them and affirm them while they are praying. As the man, close in prayer and be sure to address the thoughts of your wife, your kids and yourself.

When you’re done, get up from your seat and intentionally give each one a kiss and a hug and tell them that you love them.

This is the secret to leading, inspiring, and impacting your family.

God will honor your obedience today. Do this consistently. Know that in God’s time, your relationships with your family members will change for the good. If you live in a hostile environment, be patient. God has some work to do.

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