Who Do You Say That I Am?

Who Do You Say That I Am?

Scripture Focus: Matthew 16: 13-20 (NKJV)

Today I want to speak to you from the book of Matthew, 16:13-20. It is in these verses where the most powerful question was asked by Jesus Christ to his disciples. It’s a question that we also need to answer as followers of Jesus Christ. The question is “Who do you say that I am”?

As believers, we are confronted to provide an answer to the question “Who do we say Jesus Christ is”. This question is a question of our faith, our resolve and ultimate dependency upon Him. It is a measuring stick of our intimacy with Him and our willingness to allow Him to do what He desires to do in and through our life.

In the midst of our cultural climate. A climate where husband and wife relationships are being torn apart more than they are being mended together. Where people are losing jobs because of technological advances, ageism, racism and the unfortunate reality of classism. Our children and grandchildren are living life without a purpose. They substitute virtual reality for reality. They would rather settle for fake and artificial experiences than appreciate authentic and meaningful ones. Today, more than ever we need to know Jesus Christ as our healer, deliverer, provider, shield, strength and Savior.

The question is not who Jesus says He is, but who do we say Jesus is? What does Jesus mean to us? This is a question that each disciple had to answer for himself, including Peter. Jesus Christ is asking you and I the same question today. He is asking every man, woman and child.Your answer to this question can potentially be the most powerful answer we can ever give. It’s a question that requires us to look deeply into our life. To look deeply at our current state, and if necessary, recalibrate. It’s a question that requires us to examine all areas of our life. It is a question that will help us determine if we are hot, cold or lukewarm.

In my study I have found that there are four areas in our life that will help us best answer the question that Jesus asked the disciples and Peter. The same question Jesus asks us. “Who do you say that I am?”

The four areas in our life that I will focus our attention on today is:

  1. Jesus Christ’s revelation to us. More importantly, His revelation to you
  2. How we demonstrate our love for Him.
  3. Our fear and discipline towards Him and our discipleship towards others
  4. The test of our faith. Each of us are tested every day. What is our posture when we are tested?
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