The Feeding of the Five Thousand. See a Need/Fill a Need

The Feeding of the Five Thousand. See a Need/Fill a Need

Scripture Focus: Mark 6:30-44 (NKJV)

Jesus sent out the twelve to preach repentance, heal the sick & cast out demons and they were gathering to Jesus to tell Him about their experiences being on the road preaching.

Jesus here gives us an example of taking a rest from our labor. Physical labor, mental labor and also spiritual labor. He directs us to find a place of solitude where we can remove ourselves from distraction and the busyness of our own lives. Jesus says in Mark 6:31 “come aside by yourselves”, which means to spend time with me alone. Jesus is giving us a very important life principle, which is that rest is important, but even-more so, resting in Him is important.

When we look at the life of Jesus and his ministry which started about age 30, we see repeatedly in the Bible that Jesus did His work – and then he rested. He didn’t just rest as you and I think about rest. Jesus didn’t go home, sit on the couch, turn on Netflix and have a hot pocket and some popcorn – Jesus literally removed himself from people, distractions and the work he was doing and went to a solitary place for rest, prayer and meditation.

Jesus knew that rest was a key factor to being effective.

Jesus’ desire is for us to rest with Him (to spend time with him) but also to rest in Him (to trust Him) . If Jesus was walking the earth today among you and I, his brand slogan for us would be “Work Hard, Play Hard and Rest Hard.” In other words, Jesus would want us to be intentional about how we live our lives (in work, fellowship and rest).

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