Rise Up! A Declaration for Men

Rise Up! A Declaration for Men

Rise Up is a commitment to self. I created this declaration for myself with the intentions of being able to communicate the desire and cry in my own life. If you can relate to the statements below, I encourage you to make this your declaration for your life from this point moving forward.

Rise Up is the audacious commitment to yourself to live life in a passionate and purposeful way by exercising your gifts and abilities to the fullest and showcasing them most powerfully to the world.

Rise Up is your life’s statement that says “This is Who I Am”,”This is What I Do” and “This is What I Offer”.

Rise Up is the commitment to create a body of work with focus and intention so that people know who you are and what you stand for.

Rise Up is the understanding and personal conviction that you were placed upon this earth by God to create something, to communicate something, to execute something, to make a difference in someone’s life and to express that commitment in everything you say and do. Rise Up is turning your spark into a flame, your flame into a torch and your torch into a burning call to action for your life.

Rise Up is “You accepting you” and taking the initiative and responsibility to get your voice and message heard and make an impact in the world.

Rise Up is you not settling for less, but expecting more from yourself. It’s about leading yourself to the potential that lives within you.

Men, It’s time to RISE UP!

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