Leading men with a faith-inspired worldview to live a life of purpose by creating a strategy for their life, family, career, relationships and entrepreneurial endeavors.


    Our Leadership Mentorship Course

    This comprehensive Brand of a Man Leadership Course will help you take your leadership and brand to the next level as a man, husband, father and entrepreneur.

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    Who Are You & Where Are You Going?

    Every man needs coaching, mentorship and encouragement in order to become a leader of himself and a leader at home, work and business.

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    Blog & Audio

    The Journey of Manhood is a Process

    This is where I share thoughts, revelations and things on my mind and heart. It is also where I share sermons and podcast interviews that are relevant to you as a man.

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    Welcome to Branding Men

    My name is Anthony L. Fisher and I am the founder of Branding Men.I am honored to have you on my website. At Branding Men, I develop men personally, professionally, relationally and spiritually.


    About Branding Men

    I build champion men who seek clarity, encouragement, brotherhood, knowledge, wisdom and understanding to live a purpose-filled life. My desire is to shape men to live their potential by becoming leaders, champions and influencers at home, work and business.

    What I Do

    I teach principles that allow men to develop into champion men. I educate through courses, programs, memberships, blogs, podcasts and brand identity web design services.